Bose Panaray MA12 Professional Line Array Speaker Package

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DON'T CALL FOR PRICE - CALL FOR SUPPORT, SERVICE, AND DESIGN-ASSISTANCE! THESE ARE A SPECIAL-ANIMAL, AND PROPER IMPLEMENTATION IS EVERYTHING. WHERE THEY GO, HOW THEY MOUNT, DISTANCES BETWEEN UNITS, AIMING ANGLES MOUNTING HEIGHTS, SPECIAL EQUALIZATION, WHEN NOT TO USE THEM, WHEN TO STACK THEM AND HOW HIGH. These questions and more are available from your Bose Certified-Designer, Roth Electric Sound. This Package has the essential elements needed to step up to a modular line-array system, (assuming you have a mixer, amp, and cables already). This system has 2 pairs Panaray MA12 loudspeakers coupled vertically together. This produces 6' line arrays, which can drastically improve the intelligibility of speech. (call Steve to qualify your type of venue and applicability). We include the stands and special-adapters needed to mount MA12's (on stands), plus the Bose Panaray Digital Controller to get the best sound from these speakers. Wall-mounting brackets are also available, in 3 different versions (call Steve or Jordan for help choosing brackets), 877-768-6326 toll-free (877-SOUND-CO)

This Package includes:

  • 4 Bose Panaray MA12 Modular Line Array Loudspeakers
  • 2 Bose Panaray MB4 Modular Bass Loudspeakers
  • 2 Coupling Brackets
  • 1 Panaray Digital Controller
  • 2 Ultimate Support Tall TeleLock Stands
  • 2 Ultimate BMB200K Stand Adapters
  • 2 Bose MA12 Stand Adapters

    Bose MA12 300-watt loudspeaker is designed for use in single and multiple configurations in permanently-installed indoor applications. (the new MA12-EX can live outdoors year-round, and has extended-bass, call for price) The slim profile of the Panaray® MA12 speaker adds an attractive design element to any installation.

    The Panaray MA12 loudspeaker delivers high speech intelligibility and natural sounding music in some of the most acoustically demanding spaces—with little or no acoustic treatment. A vertical line array of twelve 2.25-inch (6.4cm) drivers provides wide horizontal and narrow vertical pattern control. Bose® MA12 loudspeakers reproduce the entire critical vocal range (155 Hz to 12 kHz) with no crossover like 2-way speakers. A crossover (in the middle of the speech range) has a penalty in audio-quality that is not paid with this system. As a result, this loudspeaker excels at intelligibility, clarity, and natural-sounding critical midrange.

    Used alone or stacked in multiples, the Panaray MA12 delivers premium sound in an elegantly slim cabinet that practically disappears in houses of worship, auditorium, theaters and concourses.

    • Manufactured by: Bose

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