Bose Auditorium Speaker Solution - LT 9403 - QSC PL340

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The Ultimate Bose/QSC Speaker/Amp Package

CALL FOR DESIGN CONSULTATION, WHEREBY WE WILL WORK WITH YOU TO QUALIFY WHICH BOSE SOLUTION IS THE CORRECT SOLUTION FOR YOUR APPLICATION. Take a pair of the best loudspeakers from the best manufacturer and combine it with the best amplifier from the best amplifier manufacturer and use it as a building block for a super-high-quality system that MAY BE THE RIGHT ONE for your auditorium (or any) application deemed appropriate. The important thing is not "Are they the best?", but rather "Are they the best for your application?" With the highest-level of acoustical design certification available to a Bose Contractor Dealer, we are properly-equipped to guide you in making the decision, which Bose products to use, or perhaps not Bose at all ! In any case, your 100% satisfaction is guaranteed, or your money-back. The lifeblood of our business is our reputation and referrals from our satisfied customers. Feel free to ask them, see our portfolio pages.Ultimate Bose/QSC Speaker/Amp Package

This Package includes:
  • (2) Bose Panaray LT 9403 loudspeakers
  • (1) Panaray Digital Controller
  • (1) QSC PL340 Power Amplifier

    Bose Panaray® LT 9403 loudspeaker is a 3-way, high SPL, full range speaker designed for indoor applications. It features dispersion control and focused coverage with a frequency response of 50Hz - 16kHz and a maximum SPL of 121dB (127db peak). The LT 9403 offers a nominal 93° horizontal by 49° vertical dispersion which provides consistent on-and-off axis response.

    The waveguide can be rotated 90° allowing for easier placement of the speaker. Each loudspeaker also includes a 15-inch woofer. Like Panaray LT mid/high loudspeakers, these full-range models use an innovative Bose® V2 mid-frequency engine. The integrated V2 driver heat sink provides cooler operation and improved reliability. Multiple hang points allow for convenient cluster configuration using industry-standard suspension hardware.

    Other key features are:

  • High degree of pattern control allows designers and installers to effectively control dispersion for clearer, more intelligible sound.
  • Full-range sound with frequency response down to 50Hz helps reduce the need for a separate bass source. An excellent choice for installations that demand full-range sound but cannot accommodate separate bass components.
  • A waveguide that can be rotated 90° allowing the loudspeakers to be flown vertically or horizontally while still maintaining the same coverage pattern.

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    The QSC PL340 is one of the best-sounding amplifiers on the planet, top-of-the-line QSC-quality.

    The PL3 series is a range of premium quality, high-power amplifiers designed for the most demanding live performance uses. Built on the third generation of QSC PowerLight technology, PL3 amplifiers combine light weight, superlative audio quality and proven QSC reliability.

    2 channels, 800 watts/ch at 8Ω, 1200 watts/ch at 4Ω, 2000 watts/ch at 2Ω

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    • Manufactured by: Bose