Kramer C-GM-100 15-Pin HD to Bare End 100' VGA Cable


Kramer C-GM-100 Kramer computer graphics video installation cables are constructed of 5 mini coax cables in a single jacket with a 15-pin HD (M) connector at one end and 5 bare mini coax cables at the other. They are used for cable runs which require an easier pull through walls, conduit, furniture, etc.


  • Quality Construction - Molded male 15-pin HD connector installed on one end, and the corresponding RGBHV coaxes exposed and pre stripped and tinned at the other end.

  • Easy Installation - Pre-stripped and tinned conductors at the bare endprovides the easiest possible installation of a 15-pin HD connector, or to theback side of a Kramer wall plate with terminal blocks. For typical 5 BNCinstallation, just cut and prep the coaxes as usual for crimp or compressionconnectors on 26/28 gauge mini coax.

  • Coax Center Conductor: 28 AWG 7/36 tinned copper.
  • Coax Jacket Colors: Red, green, blue, yellow, black.
  • Dielectric: Foam polyethylene.
  • Outer Jacket Color: Dark Gray w/white lettering.
  • Outer Jacket: PVC.
  • Shield: 90% braid 38 AWG tinned copper.
  • Center Conductor: 0.015 inches, 0.38mm.
  • Dielectric: 0.063 inches, 1.6mm.
  • Individual Coax: 0.108 inches, 2.75mm.
  • Outside Diameter: 0.362 inches, 9.2mm.
  • Attenuation (dB/100 ft.):
  • -0.6dB @ 1MHz.
  • -1.4 dB @ 5 MHz.
  • -2.1 dB @ 10 MHz.
  • -4.7dB @ 50 MHz.
  • -6.8 dB @ 100 MHz.
  • -9.2 dB @180 MHz.
  • -14.2 dB @ 400MHz.
  • -20.1 dB @750MHz.
  • -23.8 dB @ 1000MHz.
  • Capacitance: 18.3pF per foot, 60pF per meter.
  • DC Resistance: 72.2ohm per 1000ft, 237ohm per km.
  • Impedance: 75ohm
  • Temperature: 68° to 167° fahrenheit, - 20° to 75° celsius.
  • Velocity of Propogation: 78%.
  • CSA: C(UL) CL2.
  • UL: CL2.

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    • Model: C-GM-100 15-Pin HD
    • Manufactured by: Kramer



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