Sound Projections SM 5-HBM-HHCD $3599 DEMO Sound Machine Package - $3,599.00 : Commercial Sound Systems for Michigan Churches,Schools,Business-Roth Electric Sound

Sound Projections SM 5-HBM-HHCD $3599 DEMO Sound Machine Package


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Sound Projections DEMO SM-5 with CD player 1 headset and 1 handheld system
Auctioneers, Large Meeting Facilities


  • SM-5 Sound Machine battery and AC talkover neodymium sound system
  • OPT-50 Shure UHF 123-channel Body-Pack wireless system
  • OPT-40 Shure UHF 123-channel wireless handheld system
  • Mic-HB2a headset boom mocrophone
  • OPT-101 CD/MP3/USB player
  • SS-2 speaker stand with tote bag.

An unbeatable combination of clear, powerful sound and light weight (33 pounds) in a portable sound system.

  • 200 watts total power - for crowds of 4,000 or more.
  • Shure 123-Channel UHF Wireless - rock-solid performance virtually anywhere
  • Neodymium Speakers - half the weight and 2dB louder
  • Built-in CD/MP3/USB player option - front-load design for easy use
  • Nickel Metal Hydride Battery - 2 times the energy density of lead acid, longer life
  • Battery and AC operation - AC-only models also available.
  • Best Warranty in the Industry - 6 year main unit, 3 year battery, 2 year wireless, 1 year CD player

    For More Additional Options, Please Call 1-877-Sound-co
    • Model: SM5-HBM-HHCD
    • Manufactured by: Sound Projections

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